How to charge the Beats Pill in Saint Helena

Instructions on how to recharge your Beats Pill from a St Helenian power outlet with USB type B cable with a 3 pinned Type G USB charger.

St Helenian power outlet

Varying complicated combinations of region codes and plugs can often be confusing when planning to visit another country especially for the first time traveller. This guide has been specifically written to stop you needing to worry if you'll be able to charge your Beats Pill when you are travelling abroad.This page has instructions showing exactly how to power the Beats Pill when travelling to Saint Helena by using the standard 240 volt 50Hz Type G St Helenian wall outlet, with the St Helenians using a 13 amp plug for charging. When you are travelling to Saint Helena from a different country check your Beats Pill can be used with a 240v supply. If it was purchased from a country which uses a lower voltage such as 110v make sure the Beats Pill is dual voltage (marked with a 100-240 volt notation) otherwise you may need to use an additional power converter to prevent the device from being damaged whilst powering it.

The following instructions show you how to connect to Beats Pill 2 speakers to the St Helenian power outlet. Please note that this page refers to the Beats Pill 2 and not the original Beats Pill first generation, visit the Beats page for the full range of Beats bluetooth speakers. Before connecting Beats Pill 2 speakers to any device we recommend downloading the latest Beats Pill 2 firmware update from the official Beats Pill support site [2] using the Update tool.

Charging a Beats Pill in Saint Helena

Can the Beats Pill be used in Saint Helena?

Yes, you can use a Beats Pill in Saint Helena.

What is the best travel adapter for recharging a Beats Pill in Saint Helena?

When you are travelling to more than one country the best travel power adapter for Saint Helena to buy is a multiple USB port adapter which includes compatible plugs such as a 4 port USB travel charger.

As these types of chargers come with interchangeable pins and handle 100 - 240 volts it makes them ideal for multiple countries around the world simply by switching the included heads over. If your model of Beats Pill can support Fast Charge (please note that not all USB devices will) then you'll benefit from quicker charging times with one of these power chargers plus support for more power hungry devices like tablets.

Having a 4 port adapter means you can power multiple devices at once without needing to pack seperate power chargers for your trip to Saint Helena or occupying additional power outlets. By only packing a single lightweight travel charger will help keep the weight down, making it perfect to store in hand baggage as well as being convenient for recharging your Beats Pill at the airport or on the plane. Because of their space saving versatility these types of travel adapters can be used when you return home so when you’re not on holiday they can be used overnight charging multiple phones and tablets without using up an additional power outlet.

We suggest buying this type of flexible power charger online, the multipurpose travel adapter illustrated below is the universal multi-device USB wall charger which has been tested successfully with multiple USB devices in numerous different countries.

Alternative travel adapter for Saint Helena

The 4 port USB travel charger is the most compact option for travellers from around the world wanting to charge devices via USB, but for those also wishing to use their domestic plugs the following power adapters provide larger but more versatile solutions. All 3 power adapters offer surge protection which can be necessary when visiting counties with unreliable power supplies. These travel converters come with interchangeable type C, I and G plugs covering both Saint Helena and over 150 destinations:

  • BESTEK Portable International Travel Voltage Converter - The BESTEK international travel converter has 4 USB charging ports with 3 AC power outlets and is the most popular compact option for travellers originating from North America going to Saint Helena.
  • ORICO Traveling Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip - Likewise having 4 USB ports but only 2 AC power outlets the travel adapter from Orico is also aimed at travellers from the US using type B plugs and gives practically the same functionality as the BESTEK with just 1 less AC outlet at almost half the price.
  • BESTEK International USB Travel Power Strip - This power strip has 2 AC outlets but offers a more generous 5 USB charging ports. This versatile power strip is compatible with both American plugs and popular plug types A, D,E/F, G, H, I, L and N making it ideal for most travellers from around the world visiting Saint Helena. [7] [AD]
What is the best travel adapter for recharging a Beats Pill in Saint Helena?

How to use a Type G power charger for recharging your Beats Pill from a St Helenian power outlet

Instructions showing how to charge a Beats Pill with a St Helenian power outlet by using type B USB cord and a three pinned Type G USB adapter.

  1. To supply power to a Beats Pill using a St Helenian power outlet you will need a Type G USB power plug adapter [5] and a USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B cable [6].
  2. Start by inserting the Type G USB power plug adapter in the wall outlet. You can recognise this power supply by 3 slots containing shutters forming a triangular pattern for live, neutral and earth pins.
  3. Then connect one end of the type B USB cord into the USB adapter and the other end into the power in on a Beats Pill. The power in jack can be found at the rear of the speaker to the right of the Bluetooth indicator.
  4. Turn on the St Helenian power outlet.
  5. The power in port will flash red while charging and glow green when fully charged. From an empty battery the charging time is around around 3 to 4 hours and the battery life after a complete charge is roughly seven hours. When you have reached 20% battery life the jack will glow red and it will soon need charging again. [AD]
How to use a Type G power charger for recharging your Beats Pill from a St Helenian power outlet

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