Power adapters for Guinea-Bissau - What power adapter do I need for Guinea-Bissau?

Power adapters for Guinea-Bissau

Varying different voltages and plugs can all be daunting when planning on visiting another country, especially to the first time traveller. With only a handful of different types of common standards being used throughout the world this guide tells you exactly what you'll need in advance to charge your electronics in Guinea-Bissau. This page contains links to instructions which shows exactly which power adapters you'll need to supply power to your devices when staying in Guinea-Bissau using their standard 220 volt 50Hz Type C plug outlet, with the Bissau-Guineans using Europlugs for power outlets. Power adapters are different regionally therefore we recommend reading the Wiki Connections global power adapters guide for a complete list showing charging devices in different regions.

What is the best power adapter for Guinea-Bissau?

The best power adapter for Guinea-Bissau is a Type C plug adapter [2] which allows you to use any 220 volt appliance or device.

What is the best power adapter for Guinea-Bissau?

What is a power adapter?

A power adapter for Guinea-Bissau is a compact, cheap and lightweight plastic adapter that permits a different type of power plug on an appliance from a foreign country to correctly slot into a wall outlet in Guinea-Bissau.

What does a power adapter do?

A power adapter for Guinea-Bissau allows a visitor travelling from a different location to use their electronic and electrical appliances in Guinea-Bissau simply by altering the shape of the plug from one shape to another.

Can a power adapter convert the voltage in Guinea-Bissau?

No; a power adapter only adapts the shape of a plug to fit into a 220 volt Bissau-Guinean power outlet and doesn't convert to a higher voltage. Should you wish to safely use a 100-120 volt appliance you will also need to bring a step down power converter for Guinea-Bissau.

Do I need a power adapter in Guinea-Bissau?

This will depend on the shape of plug you are using and the country you are travelling from.

Will I need a power adapter for Guinea-Bissau if I'm from America?

If you are travelling from the US then use a plug adapter for Guinea-Bissau as American plugs won't physically fit into a Bissau-Guinean power outlet, and because the voltage is different you will also need to use a power converter for Guinea-Bissau to prevent overheating or damage to your appliance or device if it isn't dual voltage.

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